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Academic Calender 2020-2021
Introduction of International Talent Training Program
1. Training goals modelsIn order to train high-quality composite application-oriented international talents,The school gathers students to cultivate core abilities such as global vision, leadership, communication, learning, innovation entreprene
Academic Calender 2019-2020
School of Arts and Communication
The School of Art Communication, focusing on the train of thought of the Development of Yunnans Cultural Creative Industries, Improving the Discipline Construction, insists on the studio teaching of One Teacher One Studio, One Studio O
School of Engineering
The School of Engineering of Yunnan University of Business Management, according to its own advantages in running schools, actively builds a scientific optimized discipline professional system according to the domestic economic development,
School of Accounting and Finance
Aiming at serving the needs of economic social development in Yunnan Province, also the School of Accounting Finance aims to cultivate high-quality applied accountants who can make better use of information technology have certain international