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Cultural Camp between China and Thailand
      The cultural camp activities between China Thailand for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was held in Surat of Thailby Professional Education Committee of Educa
Program Introduction
The Chinese Language Training Program is for all international students with high school education above. Chinese language training programs are generally divided into beginners, intermediate advanced courses. The courses are divided into compul
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             Undergraduate ProgramsschoolsMajorsschool  of Finance AccountingAuditingFinancial ManagementAccountingschool  of EngineeringVehicle EngineeringMechanical Electronic EngineeringE
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 Junior College Programs Yunnan University of Business Management offers 54 different 3-years junior college major programs to our students. CollegesMajorsCollege of Finance AccountingInvestment Financial ManagementFinancial ManagementAccou