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Rahman MD Habibur's view on Chinese
You might think that you find it easy because you actually have a strong motivation to learn it. That motivation probably makes you idealize Chinese a bit. I have to admit; initially I was not too enthusiastic about learning Chinese. Before I ar
My way of Chinese learning
Greetings to all the good people. My name is Mohammed Marshal. Im from Bangladesh. Ive studied one year of Chinese language course in Yunnan University of Business Management. I have always been curious to learn different languages cul
Aymane Krimech‘s story on Chinese learning
Hello. My name is Aymane Krimech. Im from Morocco. Im studying my major in Yunnan University of Business Management.  China is the first abroad country I stepped in. Coming to China made me realize that English isnt that much usef
I am Shuvo Paul. I am from Bangladesh. I am student of YUBM. Now a day Chinese language is very important for us. I learning Chinese language about one year. Learning Chinese language is very interesting. Our teachers help us to learning the language
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Mushfiqur‘s life in YCBM
As a first-year student at Yunnan university of Business Management, I’m ready to take advantage of enjoy the next one year of my Chinese Language education. It’s the first time in our lives that we are pretty much autonomous, whether you’re trying t