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First day back to school! Welcome home!
On May 11 in spring semester 2020, the first batch of students  from Yunnan University of Business Management returned. School campus is full of vitality due to students return to school after months of silence wait
What you want to know after returning to school
The 4th day when students returned to school in Spring Semester The students of 2017, 2018 2019 have successfully returned to campus.Students still need to be vigilant after returning to school.Lets see what should we pay attention to after
Bush fire broke out in Qinglong of Anning City, and the the student drillmasters started again!
At 15:33 on May 9, 2020, a bush fire broke out in Qinglong of Anning City. 80 student drillmasters of our school arrived at the scene of the bush fire under the guidance of Mr. Li ruqiang, Vice Minister of the peoples Armed Forces Depa