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Center for International Exchange and Cooperation and International School hold a Meeting on the Publicity and Implementation of Knowledge of Undergraduate Degree Assessment 

In the critical period of undergraduate qualification assessment, in order to further unify the ideas and gather strength, Center for International Exchange and Cooperation, and International School hold a meeting on knowledge publicity and implementation of undergraduate teaching qualification assessment at room 102 in library  on November 2.


Assistant to President Song Feiyu stresses that  undergraduate teaching qualification assessment has reached the final decisive stage, and every teacher should be prepared for the assessment and clarify his/ her responsibilities. The assessment contents and key requirements should be translated to practical actions and implemented in the work and teaching so as to ensure the normal operation of the teaching work of foreign teachers and international students. At the same time, we should pay special attention to the learning and life of international students; strengthen the safety education of international students; and create an excellent atmosphere for the assessment.


Director Zhang Jiansheng emphasized the significance of undergraduate teaching qualification assessment to the college, as well as the responsibilities of each teacher, and asked everyone to unify their thinking and understanding, and earnestly study the knowledge of assessment. Teacher Zhang requires teachers not only to do their own work, but also to show good spirit and manners during the assessment period.



Through this meeting, all teachers deeply understand the knowledge of undergraduate assessment, and further understand their roles in assessment.