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Teaching Record of Foreign Teacher’s Classroom for Grade 2019 Outstanding Talent Class

In order to cultivate high-quality comprehensive and applied talents, since 2019, our college has set up a outstanding talent class for undergraduate students. The class focuses on preparing  students with the  global vision, leadership, communication ability, study ability and innovative ability; and building up a international outstanding talent training mode of  three-dimensional integration of specialty + ability + language".The college selects excellent foreign teachers, returned overseas  teachers and full-time teachers with senior professional titles to undertake the teaching of professional courses for excellent talents class, and offers the intensive courses such as training courses for postgraduate entrance examination, IELTS and TOEFL , so as to meet students' diversified needs in  the fields of academic background improvement, overseas study and high-quality employment, which will enhance students' comprehensive competitiveness.


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On the afternoon of November 12, 2020, a class of "Cross Cultural Communication and Global Vision" for the class of grade 2019 outstanding talents in the major of trade and economy of our college was taught by Du Plessis Andre Jacques (DU Anrui), an South African teacher in our college. Based on her own growth experience, work experience and learning Chinese experience, Mr. Du emphasized the importance of abilities of cross-cultural communication and  global vision; analyzed the role of language in cross-cultural communication, explained the information communication between different cultures, as well as the concept and content of global vision. His  humorous language and unique teaching style have attracted students deeply.