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The Second International Cultural Festival (Japanese Culture) of Yunnan College of Business Management Was Successfully Held

On December 10-11, 2020, the 2nd International Cultural Festival (Japanese Culture) of Yunnan College of Business Management was held as scheduled at the International Cultural Center at room 102 in Library  of Anning Campus. The International Cultural Festival (Japanese Culture) was organized by International School  and  School of General Studies , and co-undertaken by the Crazy English Club and the Elemental Boundary Point Animation Club. It aims to further enrich the campus culture and life of the college, expand the international vision of students, create an international atmosphere, and effectively promote  and expand the development and publicity of the internationalization of the college. 


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After careful planning and preparation, the 2nd International Cultural Festival was officially opened at 13:30 on December 10. At the beginning of the event, the Japanese warm venue decoration and the strong atmosphere of foreign culture attracted the active participation of all the students and teachers.


The festival incorporated elements of Japanese language learning, traditional Japanese culture, Japanese puzzle games and information about studying abroad in Japan into the experience, and everyone could participate in the game to collect postmarks to complete the pass. Students and teachers were able to experience the charm of Japanese style, taste Japanese matcha tea, and learn about Japanese culture and information about studying in Japan. It was really fun and educational.


The event included not only the demonstration of music and songs, but also the demonstration of Japanese traditional costumes, games and tea ceremony, etc. The hottest activity on site was the Japanese traditional costume experience, which kept the students coming back for more.


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The students' love for Japanese culture, kimono wearing experience and Japanese language communication made this event manifest in a million colorful ways. The fun made the students enjoy Japanese language and Japanese culture, and the participation made the students broaden their horizons while continuously improving themselves and respecting the cultural differences of foreign countries. The international atmosphere was unprecedentedly strong, even attracting students from other schools to participate in the experience, and the fun and educational activities embodied the real value!


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The 2nd International Cultural Festival (Japanese Culture) of Yunnan College of Business Management was a great success with the joint efforts of  International School and  School of General Studies. The rich cultural experience program and the large number of participants far exceeded the expected goal, further enhancing the international atmosphere of the college and laying a solid foundation for better implementation of internationalization.                           

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