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Looking ahead to the new semester and creating quality teaching together

With the warm spring breeze, the new semester is approaching.In order to better carry out the teaching activities in the second semester of 2020-2021, the International School organized all foreign teachers to hold a meeting on foreign teachers' new semester work on March 2, 2021. In the warm sunshine, the foreign teachers first visited the famous "East and West Temple Pagodas" in Kunming, and then attended the meeting.

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The meeting started with a speech by Dean Zhang Jiansheng, who explained that the school has been actively cooperating with the local government authorities to do a good job in the statistics and reporting of the travel trajectory and health status of foreign teachers in light of the epidemic situation in recent years, and he also expressed his gratitude to all foreign teachers for their cooperation with our work during the winter break. Next, he stressed again the spirit of the document about the "Three Non-Foreigners" conveyed by the Public Security Bureau of Anning City last year, and hoped that all foreign teachers would abide by Chinese laws and regulations, abide by all the rules and regulations of the Yunnan Institute of Economics and Management, and complete their teaching tasks seriously in the new semester.

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Next, Ms. Dong Yongyan, the vice president, made a speech. She also put forward new requirements for the teaching work of foreign teachers this semester, not only hoping that foreign teachers can complete their teaching work seriously, but also suggesting that teachers can offer more experience courses with different cultures in the future, so that students can truly feel the charm of different cultures in the classroom.Take the example of "Thai Food" offered by Ms. Liu Xu, she hoped that Mr. Ma Yunye, who is from Canada and loves various sports, will lead students to try different sports; Mr. Dongfang Ran, who is from the United States, will bring to our students how to make traditional American food and DIY crafts.