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Yunnan Hanwen Education Group and Gele University of Thailand jointly build Hanwen School of International Educatio

At 9:30 the morning of July 24.2019 local time in Thailand, a group of 11 people, including , Chairman of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, Chairman of Yunnan College of Business Management, Chairman of College of Yunnan Vocational Medicine and Health, and Chairman of Yunnan Polytechnic College Yang Hongwei , Deputy President of the Group Liu Xiang ,  Assistant President of Yunnan University of Business Management Du Anrui, Assistant President of Yunnan University of Business Management Sun Mingshan , Head of Department of  Administrative Affairs of the Group  Xue Gang , pays a return visit  to Geer University in Thailand .


Accompanied by President Yang Jinquan and assistant president Qi Bin of Gele University in Thailand, the delegation visited the School History Museum of Gele University in Thailand and watched the Thai national music and dance performed by the students. The two sides held inter school cooperation talks, focusing on the future cooperation intention of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools and upgrading the academic qualifications of teachers, and signed the agreement on co construction of the college. Both sides agreed to jointly build the Hanwen School of International Education in Geer University in Thailand, adhere to the principle of common development, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation, jointly cultivate international high-quality talents, and jointly carry out education and teaching.


Yang Jinquan, President of Thailand's Gele University, was invited as honorary president of three schools affiliated to Yunnan Hanwen Education Group. At the same time, Chairman Yang Hongwei was invited as a visiting professor by the University of Gele in Thailand. Through this successful mutual visit, the communication and advantage sharing between the two universities were promoted, which laid a good foundation for the next step of inter university cooperation and the construction of School of  International Education


Founded in 1952 by Dr. Krirk Mangrabuk, Krirk University is one of the earliest and oldest private universities in Thailand, and the only private university in Thailand with a strong political communication college. Krirk University of Thailand is a member of International University Association and a member of Aliance of Global Energy Internet University . The university is committed to developing intelligent society, creating and cultivating knowledge system and developing teaching system. It has three levels, i.e.  school of business administration, school of communication and art, school of humanities,  school of law, school of political communication and school of international studies. There are 20 undergraduate majors, 8 master's majors and 6 doctor's majors, with 123 training directions. Among them, political relations and public management are national key disciplines in Thailand. Business administration, pedagogy, sports and law are demonstration high-quality disciplines specially approved by Thai education authorities and can be taught in Chinese, English and Thai languages.