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A delegation from Yunnan Hanwen Education Group visited Naresuan University in Thailand

In the afternoon of July 26,2019, local time in Thailand, a group of 11 people, including , Chairman of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, Chairman of Yunnan College of Business Management, Chairman of College of Yunnan Vocational Medicine and Health, and Chairman of Yunnan Polytechnic College Yang Hongwei , Deputy President of the Group Liu Xiang ,  Assistant President of Yunnan University of Business Management Du Anrui, Assistant President of Yunnan University of Business Management Sun Mingshan , Head of Department of  Administrative Affairs of the Group  Xue Gang , pays a friendly visit  to Naresuan University in Thailand .


 More than 20 school leaders, including Deputy  President of Nari Soong University Dr. wareerat kaewarai and  Dean of Medical School Dr. sirikasem sirilak , warmly receive the delegation and attend the meeting. Deputy President wareerat kaewarai and Chairman Yang Hongwei respectively introduced the basic situation of their respective schools, and conducted in-depth exchanges on professional cooperation, resource sharing, and education promotion projects of students and teachers. There are 16 secondary colleges in Naresuan University.


All the presidents attended the symposium and actively communicated with the members of the delegation. Both sides agreed that there is a broad prospect for cooperation in education management, medical care, clinical medicine and other professional fields. Naresuan University can offer preparatory courses in Thai and English for outstanding students and teachers of Hanwen education group and its affiliated colleges, provide flexible training mechanism, customize training plans, and will provide scholarships for outstanding Chinese students in various aspects so as to meet the needs of teachers and students to improve their academic qualifications overseas. Chairman Yang Hongwei pointed out that the demand for China's education market and health industry market  is huge, and the strategic development of Hanwen Education Group and its affiliated universities needs to further improve the quality of talent training, further improve the education background and teaching level of teachers, further improve the international vision and management level.


The Group will set up an office in Thailand, select outstanding graduates and teachers to participate in research and learning projects, and build international direct ways for academic upgrading. Deputy President wareerat kaewarai welcomed Hanwen Education Group to establish a teacher training base and student study base in Naresuan University, supported teachers and students of Hanwen Education Group to study in Naresuan University, and at the same time carried out mutual visits between scholars from both sides. Both sides agreed to vigorously promote the in-depth cooperation between the two universities, and agreed to sign a Framework Agreement on Interuniversity Strategic Cooperation.  Through this successful visit, it has promoted communication, resource sharing and complementary advantages between Yunnan Hanwen Education Group and Naresuan University in Thailand, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.


Located in pengshiluo, Naresuan University is a vigorous public university named after the ancient Thai emperor Naresuan. Founded in 1990, With a good reputation, it is one of the most potential universities in Thailand, and its pharmacy major ranks first in Thailand. NARI Xuan university has 16 schools, including the United College of Health Sciences, school of Dentistry, school of medical science, school of medicine, school of pharmaceutical science, school of public health, school of education, school of humanities, school of law, school of management and information science, school of Social Sciences, school of agriculture, natural resources and environment, school of architecture, school of engineering, and school of science.