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Report on "Hong Kong Seminar for University Management Cadres" of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group

In order to improve the quality of vocational education personnel training, meet the needs of industry and industry personnel, and reflect the application of application-oriented university personnel training, Yunnan Hanwen education group arranged management cadres from three schools to Hong Kong Institute of Financial Management for a 7-day study and improvement. On the morning of August 8, 2019, the participants of the seminar came to Hong Kong Vocational Training Council to conduct a comprehensive study and investigation on the concept and training platform of vocational skills training in Hong Kong Vocational Education.


Hong Kong Vocational Education and Training Council, Located at 3 jingling Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories, the design concept of the building  embodies a white paper held by five fingers, which means to help every child develop into a socially available and useful person.


Chen Binquan, Program Director (Mainland Affairs) of the Hong Kong Vocational Education and Training Council and  Director of Peak Training School received the trainees of the seminar. The Director Chen Binquan gave a comprehensive introduction to the functions, functional structure, curriculum, entrance ways and teaching paths.  Hong Kong Vocational Training Council. VTC (Hong Kong Vocational Education and Training Council), a national statutory body, was established in 1982 in accordance with the VTC Ordinance. Its job function is to provide sound and efficient professional education and to coordinate with economic development. The number of students trained each year is about 250000, including 50000 full-time students. There are more than 6000 full-time staff and more than 2000 part-time teachers. With 13 training institutions and 34 campuses in all communities in Hong Kong, it is one of the largest professional training and development institutions in Hong Kong. In 2017-2018, Hong Kong government invested 82.4 billion Hong Kong dollars in education, accounting for 17.8% of the total government expenditure, of which 2.9 billion was spent on vocational education. The biggest difference from the mainland is that all the places and equipment required for vocational education are invested by the government and entrusted to the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council for management and use. After graduation, students can work in related industries without any other certificates.


The concept of vocational education personnel training is to cultivate students' special knowledge, skills and appropriate attitude, and to cultivate talents for economic development, which is an indispensable part of society. It focuses on training students' design thinking ability, human-computer relationship skills, professional image and English ability. The training period is generally 2-3 years, including full-time, part-time and short-term training. There are 25 committees of Hong Kong Vocational Education and Training Bureau. These committees formulate personnel training standards and curriculum content in accordance with the needs of industries and enterprises, effectively promote the combination of work and learning, and perfectly reflect the concept of "Teaching by Doing, Learning by Doing, School Is Society" of Dewey, a famous progressive educator in the United States, so as to realize the perfect combination of the demand side with plan of school training talents. For example,  Electronic Industry and Telecommunications Industry Training Committee is composed of representatives of the Hong Kong Electronic Industry Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Federation, representatives of the Director of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, representatives of students, representatives of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, representatives of the Director of Industry and Trade, representatives of the Productivity Promotion Council and representatives of 10 factories in different fields. They follow up and train students in the electronics industry in terms of training standards and curriculum. For students with strong desire for knowledge and hard work, they can further enter the general school for a higher level of study and obtain master's degree and doctor's degree.


Students of the seminar visited two vocational schools :Hong Kong Polytechnic Design Institute and International Culinary Institute under the Hong Kong Vocational Education and Training Council. Every people are really amazed by the professional design library of Hong Kong Design Institute, the practical teaching place for apprenticeship and integration of theory and practice in international culinary school.