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Yunnan Education Magazine and Other Media Report on Chairman Yang Hongwei's School Running Deeds

Yang Hongwei, chairman of Yunnan Hanwen education group, spent 28 years leading the group from small to large, from single to diversified, from difficult to leading in the industry, and made the group a banner of Yunnan private higher education. Recently, Yunnan Education magazine, Metropolis Times and other media respectively gave special reports on Chairman Yang Hongwei's school running deeds.


Yunnan Education is a provincial level journal with high academic value, which is in charge by the Education Department of Yunnan Province. Since its inception, the topic selection is novelty without losing breadth, serving the public without losing the theoretical height, which has attracted the attention and praise of the industry and readers. In the June issue of the journal, Yunnan Education, with the title of "flowers blooming and competing for beauty", reports the school running deeds of Chairman Yang Hongwei in four sections.


On July 20, Metropolis Times, with the title of "Let Every Student Have a Brilliant Life", reports the way of running school by Chairman Yang Hongwei.