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Mr. Suriyo Aksorntueng
Mr. Suriyo Aksorntueng (Chinese name: Liu Xu)from Thailand. In September 2011, He joined School of Foreign Languages of YUBM to engage in Thai language teaching. Mr. Suriyo Aksorntueng obtained a bachelors degree in Chinese langua
Park Seung Hyun
Park Seung Hyun, nationality: South Korea. degree. In 2001, he graduated from Catu University in Seoul, South Korea, majoring in English, then studying business English at Doron School in Canada, obtaining a double degree. Received a masters deg
Mr. Paul Ramsey
Mr. Paul Ramsey (Chinese name: Dongfang Ran) is from the United States. Ramsey graduated from Columbia International University in the United States with a of Arts degree has a certificate of English teaching. 
Mr. Justin Ding
Canadian Chinese Ding Zuyi, came to our school in August. 2012. He is one of managers for international projects of International School and a translator for school documents materials.He&nb
MANUEL RICHARD MURRAY, a Canadian foreign teacher, of international intercultural communication from Royal Road University, Canada, a TESOL teacher, has rich English teaching experience.
Maqsood Hayat
Maqsood HayatForeign teachers from Pakistan Doctor of Enterprise Management, Yunnan University of Finance Economics A keen seeker of knowledgeLife motto: Join the unmatched quest to reshape the future