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2020 South And Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Cloud Forum Held In Haigeng Hall Of Kunming

The 2020 South And Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Cloud Forum with the theme of "Caring And Helping Each Other , And Walking Hand in Hand" is successfully held in Haigeng Hall of Kunming today. Three leaders from Yunnan College  of Business Management are honored to attend the forum.The forum will focus on exploring the best mode and way to carry out educational exchange and cooperation in the difficult period of global fight against the new epidemic, jointly exploring the problems facing educational cooperation, expanding the opening of Yunnan's education to the outside world, and promoting the construction of Yunnan's radiation center facing South and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, during the forum, ten sub forum activities will be held at the same time.



The forum was held in the online and offline ways. In the morning, the opening ceremony and main forum of 2020 South and Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Cloud Forum was held. It was hosted by the Education Department of Yunnan Province, and several university presidents at home and abroad were invited to give important speeches and share experiences.



Our college also actively sets up an online parallel session of Yunnan College of Business Management, and organizes all teachers of the international exchange and cooperation center to watch the forum and earnestly study the spirit of the forum. As one of the sub activities of the forum, the international seminar on "the Mission of Sino -foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in the New Era" , sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and jointly sponsored by Yunnan Association for Education International Exchange , Yunnan International Exchange Center, Yunnan Agricultural University and other units,is successfully held in the afternoon of the same day. Professor Yu Lizhong, former president of New York University in Shanghai, President of Lincoln University of New Zealand and other well-known experts from 10 domestic and foreign cooperative educational institutions in six countries, through  online and offline forms, make special reports and seminars on the theme of "New Era, New Opportunities, New Challenges and New Missions", and jointly discuss the opportunities, challenges and countermeasures.




The activities of 2020 South Asia and Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Cloud Forum will last from today to November 18. Ten sub activities will be based on the actual characteristics of universities in Yunnan, and actively promote the development of International Education in Yunnan.  This is also a rare learning opportunity. As long as we  actively face difficulties, work together for win-win situation,we will create a bright future for international cooperation of Yunnan College of Business Management.