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Students from YCBM Win the Special Prize of English Major Group in Yunnan Competition Area in 2020 " FLTRP· Guocai Cup" National English Writing Competition

On November1, the second round of 2020 " FLTRP · Guocai Cup“ National English Writing Competition ( higher vocational group) was held in Kunming Metallurgy College52 competitors from 24 higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province participated in the competitionUnder the guidance of English teacher Zhou Yun, Fan Heling, from class 1 of applied English of grade 2019 in higher vocational college of our college, won the special prize of English major group with a 91.5 point excellent result in the competition.


"FLTRP Cup" is a national public welfare competition sponsored by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and directed by the Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education. It is one of the most influential outstanding brand competitions in the field of foreign language teaching in higher vocational colleges in China. It aims to actively promote the reform of teaching methods and comprehensively improve the quality of foreign language teaching Level. The competition adheres to the tenet of "promoting learning, teaching and reform through competition". Together with foreign language education experts and teachers in higher vocational colleges, the competition helps to cultivate high-quality technical talents in line with the national strategy.The form of competition includes one essay for practical writing and one for chart writing. Practical writing is used to test the competitors' ability to achieve effective communication and achieve communicative purposes by using appropriate format, content and language.


Under the high attention and care of college leaders, the office of foreign language teaching and research has always attached importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability of foreign language, organized various foreign language competitions and encouraged students to actively participate in the competition,so that students can exercise their skills, improve their level, increase their knowledge and enhance their confidence. all these lay a solid foundation for students' career development.