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Yunnan College of Business Management Held a Departure Ceremony and Pre-Departure Training for Students to Japan

At 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the 2020 Yunnan College of Business Management (YCBM) students' departure ceremony and pre-departure training, sponsored by YCBM, Sapporo International University, and Shenyang Hanhe Education and Training School, was successfully held in the conference room of the Wellness Center of Haiyuan Campus.Ms. Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group(YHEIG); Mr. Du Anrui, Chief Inspector of International Cooperation and Exchange of YHEIG; Mr. Zhang Jiansheng, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Center and Dean of International School of YHEIG; Mr. Gao Pan, Assistant Dean of Yunnan  Vocational College of Medicine and Health  (Medical School of Yunnan College of Business Management ); Mr. Zhang Yan, Office Director of Greater China Area of Sapporo International University and Principal of Hanhe Education and Training School;Japanese language teachers of Yunnan College of Business Management; students and their parents attended the event. The ceremony was hosted by Wei Lan, Manager of Foreign Affairs of Medical School of Yunnan College of Business Management.  


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For this time employment in Japan project,Yunnan College of Business Management selected 6 students from Medical School  and  School of Finance and Accounting , all of whom are students of the college's poverty alleviation program "Public Welfare Plan for Employment in Japan".Over the past year, Yunnan College of Business  Management  has arranged some high-quality  overseas returned Japanese language teachers to provide free and systematic Japanese language instruction to more than one hundred poor students with archival cards to encourage them to go to Japan for further education and employment. Through this dispatch, the school has achieved zero breakthrough in the number of graduates going to Japan for employment.


Zhang Yan, Director of the Greater China Office of Sapporo International University and Principal of Shenyang Hanhe Education Training School, introduced the recent cooperation between Yunnan College of Business Management and Sapporo International University and the details of students' employment in Japan to the leaders, teachers, students and parents.He fully recognized the achievements of the faculty of Yunnan College of Business Management in Japanese language teaching; and students' spirit of  hard work and study.


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On behalf of the group and the college, Ms. Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yunnan Hanwen Education and Investment Group and Yunnan College of Business Management, congratulated the students who will be going abroad to work in Japan.She cordially asked the students about their preparations before the tripsent her best wishes to themhoped that all students would work hard, live happily, be confident in their skills and culture, and create their own future in a foreign countryand seize the day, live up to your time.At the same time, she also hoped  all students to pay attention to epidemic protection and personal safety while working and living overseas, and said that the group and the college would always be the most solid support to students.  


First of all, student representative Zhai Qianrong thanked the college and the Japanese side for this opportunity, which allowed her to realize her dream of working abroad. At the same time,she also expressed her sincere respect for the two Japanese language teachers who worked so hard to teach her and her classmates about Japanese language and its culture.Afterwards, Zhai's parents thanked the college and teachers for their efforts, and hoped that their children would continue to work hard in Japan to fully develop their strengths and show the elegance of Chinese youth in the new era.  


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Chairman Yang Hongwei handed out commemorative shirts and gifts to the students and their parents, saying that students should always remember the teachings of their alma mater, love their motherland, respect local customs, abide by local laws, and carry forward fine traditions. A single spark can start a prairie fire. we believe that through the experiences of these six students, more and more students will be inspired to go abroad. Chairman Yang Hongwei encouraged all students to bravely face the challenges of the future and grow up to be industry-recognized, international exchangeable talents of the new era.  


Wei Lan, the manager of  Foreign Affairs Department of the Medical School of  Yunnan College of Business Management, conducted a pre-trip training for the program students. Each student received a travel brochure, which was carefully prepared by the school, and during the training, they learned once again what documents and supplies they needed to prepare for their trip to Japan, as well as how to prepare themselves mentally for the upcoming trip.She introduced to the six students how to use the pre-trip handbook and the E- Study Abroad Kit, and how to pay attention to the public number of  Study Abroad, etc. She also trained the students on foreign affairs discipline, overseas epidemic prevention and control, consular protection knowledge, prevention of overseas telecommunication fraud, daily warm tips and overseas psychological adjustment methods.At the end of the training, the students were intensely ambitious  and looking forward to opening a new page of their life.  


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At present, the Group and the college are actively expanding the mode and dimension of cooperation with overseas universities and enterprises, and are committed to building a first-class high-quality platform for overseas internship, employment and further study for students in need; take the signing of RCEP agreement as an opportunity to increase the strength and depth of cultivating international applied talents who meet the requirements of the new era; and consolidate the connotation of international development in education of the Group and the college.


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