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The Tenth "Hanwen Cup" Subject and Major Competition of Yunnan College of Business Management - -- Spoken English Competition Finished Successfully

On December 1, 2020, at 7:00 pm, the final of the 10th "Hanwen Cup" subject and major competition - Spoken English Competition (Professional Group) of Yunnan College of Business Management was held in the room 102 of library in An Ning Campus as scheduled. The competition is co-organized by School of Higher Vocation, International School and Crazy English Club.


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Leaders and distinguished guests who attended this competition included:  former Director of Department of Higher Vocational School Kong Yu, Vice Dean of Department of Higher Vocational School Tan Zijun , Vice Dean of International School Ding Zuyi, Ma Yong, and Dong Yongyan;Director of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Office Zhou Yun , and foreign teachers MAQSOOD HAYAT and PAUL BRADLEY. 


The competition was divided into two sessions. The first session was an English keynote speech. In the second session, the judges asked the contestants questions in English and communicated with them in English.


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The purpose of this competition is to provide a stage for students to showcase their English language skills, enhance the application of their comprehensive knowledge of English and their ability to use English practically, and practice their English speaking skills.


Through this competition, Applied English majors have emerged a number of outstanding English speaking students, who have performed well in the competition and achieved the expected goal.Through the students' competitions and their interactions with each other, the faculty members had a deep understanding of what they should continue to strive for in the future teaching process of their majors.



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First prize:

Fan Heling (grade 19 applied English class 1)


Second prize:

Pu Qingqing ( grade 20 applied English class 1)


Xu Qiurong (grade19 applied English class 1)

Yang Yanping (grade19 applied English class 1)


Third prize:

Li Guowen (grade19 applied English class 2)

Li Xiaolu (grade 20 applied English class 1)

Yang Xuefei (grade 19 applied English class 2)

Li Jiaming (grade 19 applied English 1)

Li Xianxian (grade 20 applied class 1)