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Study in Malaysia, experience the collision of multiple cultures - City University of Malaysia and our college started cooperation talks

On the afternoon of March 26, 2021, Ms. Hu Huanzhi from the International Office of City University of Malaysia visited Yunnan College of Business Management again to discuss specific cooperation projects with Ms. Dong Yongyan, Deputy Director of the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation, and Ms. Ye Zi, Head of the Dispatch Program of the college.


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City University Malaysia, founded in 1984 as City University College of Science And Technology (CUCST), was officially upgraded to a comprehensive university in 2016 with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Academic Qualifications Agency (MQA).The University is a full-time Malaysian institution of higher learning with education at the junior college, bachelor, master and doctoral levels and is accredited and recommended by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and  the Chinese Ministry of Education.The University is one of the top 10 universities in Malaysia in terms of academic level and scale, a five-star university in terms of teaching quality, and a designated partner university of the Malaysian and Chinese governments under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, with a special tuition fee subsidy.


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Ms. Hu Huanzhi from the International Office of City University of Malaysia (CUM) firstly introduced the most attractive nursing and hotel management programs at CUM. The nursing program leads to a globally accepted nursing certificate and a high starting salary if recommended for employment in Dubai. The hotel management program can obtain a double degree from City University and one of the most famous hotel management programs in France.Secondly, Ms. Hu introduced the PhD program of City University, which is more affordable and suitable for our faculty and staff to upgrade their education.Finally, Ms. Hu introduced the "One Belt, One Road" exchange student program, which admits some students to study in Malaysia every year on the basis of merit, with a special government tuition fee subsidy, and students only need to pay a small part of the miscellaneous expenses, and can realize the exchange of credits between the two schools.These programs will open a channel for junior college students to obtain higher education and employment faster, and will also create good conditions for our college teachers to go abroad for academic upgrading.


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Afterwards, Dong Yongyan, Deputy Director of the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation of the college, introduced the basic situation of our teachers and students to Ms. Hu, expressed the desire of the two universities to reach relevant cooperation projects as soon as possible, and asked about the feasibility of a series of other cooperation projects such as Sino-foreign cooperation between City University of Malaysia and our college. At the end of the meeting, both sides expressed their intention to further cooperation and agreed to further discuss the specific details of cooperation.