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Follow your dream! Six students from Yunnan College of Business Management started their study in Japan

In November 2020, six students from Yunnan College of embarked on the road to study in Japan. The road of studying abroad is always accompanied by laughter and tears, but none of them regrets choosing to study abroad. Today, for the first time, we will go into the life of the first batch of our college graduates who are  now studying in Japan and see what kind of stories they have.


Starting in 2018, Yunnan Hanwen Education Group began exploring Japanese programs in order to broaden the avenues of further education, internship and employment for students from its three colleges (Yunnan College of Business  Management is one of them).


Japan is the only developed country in Asia that has entered an aging society more than a decade ahead of China, and the demand for "nursing personnel" is about 400,000 to 500,000 people a year, so the college is targeting its programs in this field.


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At first, the project did not go very well because the Japanese project was a new and untouched field, and the project was once stop and go, but in 2019 things took a turn for the better with the visit of Director Zhang, the head of Shenyang Hanwha Education, and the cooperation between Yunnan Hanwha Education Group and Hanwha Education began.After strict selection, only six students participated in the "nursing program in Japan".The six students came from various majors in the College of Business Management and the College of Finance and Accounting, namely two nursing students, one medical laboratory student, one dental technology student, and two accounting students.Every day during the day is full of Japanese classes and specialized classes.


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But never thought that at the beginning of 2020, with the outbreak of New Crown Pneumonia, countries all over the world closed their doors, including Japan. So in the months between the beginning and the middle of the year, all they could do was wait, except for sticking to their Japanese online classes.


The teachers from the International School and Hanwha Education encouraged them not to give up while giving them Japanese language lessons and interview counseling until they were all successful in their interviews and assisted them with the departure procedures.


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Nothing is impossible,if you put your heart in it.In November 2020, six students arrived successfully in Tokyo, Japan one after another. Before their departure, Chairman Yang Hongwei and all the leaders of the group and the school, leaders of the International School and teachers of the class sent them off, and arranged intimate pre-trip safety guidance, accommodation, dinner and drop-off. Everyone arrived in Tokyo one by one and started their long-awaited new life.


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This time, they participated in the program "language study + nursing knowledge + internship (part-time) + final package of 100% employment in a hospital or nursing home".


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After an initial period of adjustment to a different culture, the anxiety and nervousness was gradually replaced by a sense of accomplishment and busyness as they attended language classes and were successfully placed in internships at nursing homes


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The following are their experiences and lessons learned from studying and living in Japan.


1. Shenyun,major in medical laboratory technology


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“In November 2020, I finally embarked on the journey to study and work in Japan. I have experienced a lot of pain and joy in these four months of study abroad life. In fact, the greatest feeling is not how rich knowledge and Japanese language ability I got from my study abroad life. Rather, I found my true self in the growth.


“When I first came out of college in China, I was actually searching for answers to my life, thinking that maybe a change of location in my life would lead to a new understanding, and after studying in Japan, as I expected, the answers began to become clear.


“If I hadn't come to Japan to study, I would have been like most college graduates, looking for a job, getting married and having children to complete my life. However, I was not satisfied with the humdrum life that many people aspire to, and I wanted to see a different world outside.


“Before coming to Japan, I had studied Japanese at college for almost a year, but after arriving in Japan, I realized that there was a difference between what I learned in books and what I used in real life.Finding my first part-time job was tough, and it took many interviews before I finally landed a job.Now the living expenses come from working part-time for an average of 4 hours a day, which makes about 8000 RMB a month.


“When I was at home, my parents took care of everything. After I came to Japan, I realized that I had to take care of everything on my own, no matter how complicated or important it was.When I get homesick, I can only tell myself: Hang in there! Because I still need to take responsibility for my life and the task of studying and working.


“Studying abroad has enriched my perspective on issues and improved my ability to face various setbacks.In my opinion, studying abroad is a growth process, and this process may be more important than getting into a good university.Things others do not want to  do may not mean  bad; things everyone want to do may not mean good.Everyone is born differently and should try countless possibilities.”


2. Li Jia Rui, major in oral mdical technology


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“It has been more than four months and almost five months since I came to Japan. At first, I felt that the trip to Japan that I had been longing for two years had finally started, and the life here is particularly compact.


“But once the novelty is over, I find that actually coming to an unfamiliar environment, sometimes I feel that life is really not easy.I was not familiar with Japanese traffic rules, so I crossed the road without stopping my bicycle at the intersection and collided with a moving car in a particularly narrow road, so I was responsible for the accident.


“Fortunately, the police and the other side didn't give me a hard time, and they sent me to the dormitory when they saw that I had difficulty moving.The school teachers were the first to help me deal with the problem and sent me to the nearest hospital for a check-up, which was fortunately not serious.


“In general, after I got used to living in Japan, apart from my part-time job and studies, the only thing I felt uncomfortable with was that I inevitably felt a bit lonely sometimes.But I have to say that Japanese people are really gentle, whether it's my supervisor at work or my teacher at school, they are very tolerant to us and always teach us something patiently.


“What I regret now is that I didn't know how to cook at all before I came to Japan, which makes it very inconvenient now. But now I'm actively trying to learn how to cook.The trip to Japan was very beneficial and broadened my horizons.”


3. Zhai qianrong, major in nursing


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"Many things depend on whether you care about the outcome, or the process. The perspective is different, the problem is also different. When I first got off the plane, I was full of joy, and at that moment I finally felt that my persistence for so long was not wrong, and that the wait I had paid for was worth it. Soon, the first slap in the face was dealt by the long and boring life of isolation.


“The quarantine in Japan is not as strict as it is in China, and in hotels, you just have to report your temperature to the front desk every day. But the process is really quite torturous.I was alone for 14 days, in a country where I didn't speak the language and in a strange environment, but luckily, I made it through.


“Life in Tokyo is fast-paced, with the daily grind of studying and worrying about the effects of the epidemic.As a result of the epidemic in downtown Tokyo, part-time job opportunities have been greatly reduced, and I have to pay attention to hygiene and safety every day when I take the train to and from school.


“I was happy to face all the hardships that life brought me, but soon after I got used to living in Tokyo, I spent every day in worry because of some family matters.But there is no way, the fish and the bear's paw can not be both.Since I chose to leave my hometown to come here, these things are destined to be something I must face alone.I can only accelerate my own growth and hope that in everything will slowly get better through my own efforts.


“It's true what the saying says, when life keeps hammering you, luckily you still have a dream.


“To this day, I still don't regret my choice, I can't know whether I came here is good or bad for my life, but this is where I want to come, all the results I will accept. Walk to the end of the water, sit and watch the clouds rise. I believe that everything will become better.”


4. Wang Yaqi, major in accounting


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 “Studying abroad is a valuable experience in life, and it can have a great impact on our outlook on life and worldview.Studying abroad not only gives us the opportunity to learn advanced science and technology abroad and experience the rich culture and customs of foreign countries, but also enriches our life experience.


“I always thought that studying abroad during college was an unattainable dream, but then I realized that actually everyone can go abroad, as long as we have a goal and are good at grasping opportunities.I learned at a chance  that the college has a program for studying abroad, then I  enroll in a variety of training, the results for various reasons can not see a little hope, until I met Ms. Xiao Yang, she has been encouraging us not to give up to persevere, we will get the results we want.


“As expected, we stepped on a plane to Japan in the rocky year of 2020, and at that second, we felt that everything before was worth it, and thus started a new chapter of our life.


“However, when I arrived in Japan, I found out that international students also have a lot of sweet and sour experiences. When I was looking for a part-time job, I interviewed with 5 or 6 companies, from the beginning when I was so nervous that I couldn't speak well, to the later when I could answer questions fluently and get a part-time job.


“From the beginning when I was afraid to ask the shopkeeper when I went out to buy something, to the later when I could talk to the shopkeeper in broken Japanese, from the beginning when I didn't know what to say when I wanted to recharge on the bus, to the later when I could clearly say what I wanted. From the beginning, when I went out to eat, I could only point at the menu and say "this , this," to the present, when I can clearly express what I want; what I have experienced is more than a little bit of heartache.


“We are all growing up slowly, no one can be sure what kind of self we will be in the future, but we must seize the opportunity to change ourselves.The world is a big place I don't want to limit myself because I'm afraid of difficulties, how can I meet a better version of myself without trying? Or a different life?


“For young people in their early twenties, in addition to love, there are dreams, and life choices.No one knows right or wrong before making a decision, that's why there are regrets and disappointments. But hopefully we stay true to our dreams and experience is the only answer.”


From the initial confusion and anxiety, they slowly began to adapt to life in Japan. Over the course of six months, they gradually became stronger and better in their brand new lives.We believe that they can achieve their goals in life through their own efforts in foreign countries and live up to their youth.