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Actively building a high-quality study abroad platform to create a pathway for students to improve themselves

The International School held a special introduction meeting for the senior college graduates from higher vocational school of  Yunnan College of Business Management on the studying abroad program at 2:00 p.m. on April 14, 2021 in Library 102 of Anning Campus.

Mr. Zhou Wenhao, the section  head of the Fifth Community  of the School of Higher Vocation, led 29 students who were interested in studying abroad to the International School to attend the seminar.At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhang Jiansheng, Director of International Center for Exchange and Cooperation, and Dean of International School, shared with all students the benefits of studying in Southeast Asian countries and his experience after studying abroad and returning home.After learning that most of the students' intention country is Thailand, Director Zhang introduced in detail the famous universities in Thailand, such as Chiang Mai University, Thailand Oriental University, Royal Thai University and Royal Thai Chiang Mai Normal University, all of which have cooperation with our college.At the same time, the students were introduced to the issues such as the choice of majors, admission requirements, tuition fees and how to certify the diploma of each Thai university.

The students showed strong interest in the Thai university program, actively asking questions and consulting.When it comes to the College-to-Bachelor-to- Master degree program in Thailand, most of the students asked, "How can we apply for this program when we are now just a college graduate?"Dean Zhang replied, "It requires the declared students to submit the discipline form of their specialties, after which the Thai universities are responsible for accounting for credits, which support interchangeability, and after arriving in Thailand, they can advance to the master's program as long as they take the missing credits for their undergraduate degree."

After the meeting, our school and school of higher vocation established a consultation group for studying abroad, students can ask us any questions in time, and we will answer them one by one to create a smooth road for students to study abroad.