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Promotion meeting of our overseas study and employment program was held in Haiyuan Campus

On April 15, 2021, In order to actively broaden the employment platform of our students and improve the quality employment rate of our students, the International Center for Exchange and Cooperation, together with China-Japan Friendship Dalian Talent Training Center, held a promotion meeting of overseas study and employment programs at room 501 of the Experimental Building of Haiyuan Campus.Dong Jinyun, head of China-Japan Friendship Dalian Talent Training Center in Yunnan, Dong Yongyan, deputy director of  Center for International Exchange and Cooperation of Yunnan College of Business Management, Ye Zi, head of the dispatch program, Yang Peng, head of the Japanese program, some counselors of the School of Medicine, and the 2021 nursing major graduates of the School of Medicine attended the presentation.The presentation was hosted by Wan Xiaofang, a faculty member of the School of Medicine.


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According to the current overseas employment situation, nursing students are in high demand for employment in Japan, and have a better working environment and higher salaries.In the recommendation meeting, Ms. Yang Peng firstly introduced the Japanese nursing  employment program to the students in detail from the comparison of the current market situation of nursing employment in China and Japan, the current working environment in China and Japan,and the study, internship, work and salary after going to Japan.After the students go to Japanese hospitals for 1-2 years  paid internship as a nurse's aide and obtain Japanese language N1 level and Japanese nurse's license (international nurse's license, which is used worldwide), they can work as a high-end nurse in Japan with an annual salary of about 260,000-300,000 RMB.


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Then, Ms. Yang Peng introduced the students the Japanes mix program from college diploma to master degree . The advantages of studying in Japan for college students are that it is less difficult to get a master's degree in Japan and the cost of studying in Japan is also very low compared to European and American countries.Students can also earn a living wage as a subsidy through half-time work and half-time study after their arrival.Students are required to have a N2 level of Japanese to enter the college in Japan.If you can't reach the level, you can go to Japan for one year to study the preparatory course (Japanese language study), and after one year, if  passing  the N2 level of Japanese, you can enter major study.


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After the promotion meeting, Ms. Dong Jinyun, Deputy Director Dong Yongyan, Ms. Ye Zi and Ms. Yang Peng answered students' questions about studying and working in Japan together.Through this promotion meeting, it enhanced students' awareness of going abroad, broadened their international vision, and laid the foundation for the promotion of overseas study and employment for our 2021 students.