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International School held a meeting on foreign teacher's management and the mid-term teaching and research

In the afternoon of May 7,2021, International School held a special meeting on foreign teacher’s management and the mid-term teaching and research. The meeting was hosted by Dong Yongyan, deputy dean of international school.Dean of International School Zhang Jiansheng, Vice Dean Ma Yong, Vice Dean Ding Zuyi, Director of Foreign Language  Teaching & Researching Office Zhou Yun, Foreign Affairs Coordinator Ye Zi and all foreign teachers attended the meeting.In recent years, our college has had a stable channel of employing foreign experts, with the average annul number of 11 foreign teachers,respectively from the United America, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, Korean, Thailand and other countries. These foreign teachers have reach experiences in foreign language teaching, which enriches greatly foreign teaching of our college, and creates a excellent environment for our students to learn foreign language.

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First of all, deputy dean of international school Ma Yong announced the relevant national law and regulations on the management of foreign teachers; conveyed the main contents of Notice on the Risk of Legal Liability for the Actions of Persons Entering Kunming from Abroad during the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic, and Notice on Anning City further strengthening  the management of overseas personnel and the responsibility of foreign affair related -units for the investigation of illegal entry and exit personnel during the period of epidemic prevention and control. He also had an in-depth exchange with the foreign teachers on their respective concerns.


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After that, Zhou Yun, the director of foreign language teaching and research office gave a detailed explanation to foreign teachers about teaching- related system and emphasized that teachers should arrange the teaching time reasonable and efficiently. She asked foreign teachers to prepare the teaching plan,teaching materials and other teaching related materials before class, and accept teaching inspection at any time. She also emphasized the specific discipline and teaching norm. Then the discussion was focused on the selection of teaching materials, class format,student participation, final assessment methods and content, and final grade evaluation,etc. The foreign teachers shared interesting stories and problems they encountered in teaching, and everyone gave their suggestions.


Finally, Dean Zhang Jiansheng affirmed the good performance of our foreign teachers who work seriously and abide by the law, and reiterated the discipline of teachers in teaching and life in our college, clearly stating that foreign teachers are not allowed to spread political speech in the classroom, forbidden to spread religion in any form, and forbidden to engage in part-time work.

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This meeting was held to explain the law and regulations related to the management of foreign teachers and to reaffirm the regulations and teaching disciplines of college. On the one hand, this standardizes the living and teaching behavior of foreign teachers and better improves the teaching quality of foreign teachers; on the other hand, it also achieves the purpose of strengthening the communication with foreign teachers, caring for their work and life , and improving their motivation and the sense of belonging. The international school will continue to provide the excellent services with foreign teachers and try its best to build a platform so that build up a good international environment for our college.

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