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Calligraphy skills competition held for international excellent talents class of grade19 undergraduate majoring in primary education

1. Contest Arrangement

With the advent of the information age, more and more electronic input devices have replaced handwriting, and the development of China's long-standing art of calligraphy has been hindered, resulting in a steady decline in students' writing skills. In order to enrich the after-school life of the students in the international excellent talents in primary education class, promote the traditional art of calligraphy and enhance their chalk writing skills, our 2019 undergraduate international excellent talents class in primary education , under the guidance of our academic adviser Dong Yongyan and counselor Hu Yang, held a class board writing skills competition on May 12, 2021 at 13:30 in the board writing training room of Building 19.  Twenty-nine players from the international excellent talents class of grade 2019  participated in the competition.


 Before the competition, Ms. Dong Yongyan introduced the competition rules and scoring criteria to the participants. The contest will be graded by five dimensions: penmanship, layout, writing standard, writing effect, and writing speed. After Ms. Dong's introduction, the contestants picked up their chalk and were ready to go.


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2. Group competition


With the announcement of starting the competition by Mr. Hu Yang, the whole training room was filled with the sound of chalk hitting the blackboard, the clock was ticking and the competition was in full swing. Who would have thought that a small piece of chalk could actually dance and fly in the hands of the participating students, as if the eight immortals were crossing the sea, and their works were either elegant and mellow, firm and moist inside, or graceful and generous.


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3. First prize winners


Ten minutes is long enough for these future teachers to write  excellent chalk writing works, but it is not long enough for them to show all their talents. After the judges' careful selection, the board writing works of Roland Fang and Zhang Yue were finally awarded the first prize in the competition.


The competition not only strengthened the class cultural construction of the International Excellent Class, enriched the spare time of the students, and promoted mutual communication and learning among them, but also enhanced the students' awareness of good chalk writing, improved their writing skills, and laid a good foundation for their future career as teachers.

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