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International Center for Exchange and Cooperation held a seminar on International Orientation Training Program for Foreign Related Nurses---a special session for undergraduate nursing majors in Medical Schools

On the afternoon of May 14, 2021, the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation of  Yunnan College of Business Management, together with China-Japan Friendship Dalian Talent Training Center, held a special meeting lecture on International Orientation Training Program for Foreign Related Nurses for 2019 and 2020 undergraduate nursing students from Medical School of Yunnan College of Business Management  on Haiyuan campus.The purpose of this seminar is to provide nursing students with quality internship and employment options, and to plan their study goals and employment directions in advance.The presentation was attended by Dong Jinyun, Head of Yunnan Region of China-Japan Friendship Dalian Talent Training Center;Zhang Jiansheng, Director and Dong Yongyan, Deputy Director of International Center for Exchange and Cooperation of Yunnan College of Business Management;Gan Min, Director of Nursing Department of Medical School; and Zhou Yun, Director of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department of International College.


After briefly introducing the Sino-Japanese Friendship Dalian Talent Training Center to the students,  Dong Jinyun compared the salary and working environment of nurses in China and Japan from the points of view of the advantages of the foreign related nurse program in Japan, and showed the students videos and pictures of interviews with students sent to study and work in Japan in previous years.He explained to the students in detail about the study schedule, internship, job, salary, etc. in Japan after arrival.After going to Japanese hospitals to practice as nurse assistants with salary for 1-2 years and  obtaining the N1 level of Japanese language and Japanese nurse qualification certificate (international nurse certificate, globally accepted),students can work as high-end nurses in Japan with an annual salary of about RMB 260000-300000.After the introduction, he focused on answering many questions of particular interest to students, such as the conditions for going to Japan, the cost of the program, Japanese language study, and whether there are opportunities for academic advancement.


 Director Jason Zhang also mobilized the students and encouraged them to plan their career goals in advance.Director Jason Zhang also mobilized and encouraged the students  to plan their career goals in advance.Overseas internship and employment can not only improve student's professional abilities, but also have the opportunity to improve their academic qualification, improve their international visions and abilities of cross-cultural communication; and obtain a better employment environment and salary than in China.Overseas internship and employment experience is of great significance for students' career.Although students in the 19th and 20th grades are not yet under urgent employment pressure, college is a short period of time, and everyone should make good use of this time in school to improve their overseas employ-ability.Our Center for International Exchange and Cooperation will continue to explore quality channels for overseas internships, employment and educational advancement to serve our students well.


Ms. Gan Min analyzed the employment situation of our nursing graduates in recent years, not many of them got the permanent job with system after graduation ,much few of them could found a job in Kunming.Most of the students can only choose the township and private hospitals due to the limitations of their education. the workload is large there; it is difficult to get the spaces for follow-up education and promotion; and the income is not good enough.The college offers a variety of internships and career guidance for students to choose from, which helps students to "plan and prepare early".