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Sharing and Win-Win|Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the Board, Attended the First Yunnan-Vietnam Entrepreneurs Online Exchange Meeting

In order to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, promote bilateral exchange and development, and achieve mutual benefit, the first online exchange meeting of Yunnan-Vietnam business cooperation was held in Kunming, China and Lao Cai, Vietnam at the same time on May 28.The online exchange meeting was guided and supported by  the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Provincial Government, the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province and the Consulate General of Vietnam in Kunming;and the joint sponsored by Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and Lao Cai Province Entrepreneurs Association of Vietnam.


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Leaders and related persons attending the exchange meeting included:Wang Wei, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Yunnan Province, China; Wang Xiaohua, Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province;Hua Zefei, former department-level counsellor of Yunnan Provincial Government, secretary and chairman of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association; Wang Yu, Director of ASEAN Trade Department, Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce;Nguyen Trung Hieu, Consul General of Vietnam in Kunming; Consul of Vietnam in Kunming, Nguyen You Thi;Ho Van Thanh, member of Lao Cai Provincial Committee, Director of Department of Culture - Sports - Tourism; Hoang Chi Hien, member of Lao Cai Provincial Committee, Director of the Department of Industry and Commerce, Vice President of the Association of Friendship Organizations;Pham Thanh Quang, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of Lao Cai Province and Vice President of the United Organization Friendship Association.


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The exchange meeting was held in the form of video conference, with a venue in Yunnan, China and a venue in Lao Cai, Vietnam, with the Yunnan venue located in Hall 7 of the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center.The Yunnan-Vietnamese entrepreneurs had a cordial and friendly exchange through screens at the two venues with a view to finding opportunities for shared win-win and mutually beneficial cooperation.At the end of the meeting, the Association of Private Entrepreneurs of Yunnan Province, China and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Lao Cai Province, Vietnam successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement and concluded a friendly association relationship.


Chairman Yang Hongwei of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group attended the online exchange as a special guest and gave a speech.In her speech, Chairman Yang Hongwei mentioned that China and Vietnam are connected by mountains and rivers, and the people of the two countries are living next to each other;and since ancient times,  tow countries have had frequent and smooth  cooperation and exchange in the fields of business, trade and education, and established good cooperative mechanism and relationship.


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Chairman of the board Yang Hongwei said that education is the main platform of cultural dissemination and the meeting place for civilizing dialogue and understanding among people of different countries and cultures.China is now embarking on a new journey of building a modernized socialist country and is at a critical period of progressing towards the second century goal, further expanding the opening of education to the outside world, and accelerating the modernization of education; which puts forward new and higher requirements for international exchange and cooperation in education.


At the end of her speech, Chairman of the board Yang Hongwei also took the opportunity of this online exchange meeting to extend a sincere invitation to education enterprises and schools in Vietnam.

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