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Only working hard can make your dreams come true

    Mrs.Yang Hongwei, chairman of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group and Yunnan College of Business and management, gave the first lecture titled " Only working hard can make your dreams come true” on Teachers’ Professional Skill Development Forum which held in the 300-person lecture hall of the Anning Campus Library on October 22, 2019.
    Leaders of Yunnan College of Business and management, Yunnan Medical Health College, Yunnan Polytechnic College, heads of secondary schools and departments, some teachers and counselors listened to the lecture. 
    Combined with her personal experience, chairman Yang Hongwei gave some clear views on the basic situation of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, why did we insist on hard working, what kind of spiritual quality should very employee possessed. And she expressed the idea of "One Group, One Dream, One Family". 
    At first, she told a story of how YCBM gets started in the education field and became one of the most remarkable private universities in China during 27 years’ developing. “After hearing the famous speech given by President Deng xaioping in 1992, several young teachers of Yunnan Normal University and me make up on our mind to start our business in private education industry and we successfully seize the opportunity to establish a school named Yunnan Education Technology Training School. At that time, we have only limited resources on human labor like teachers and managers, lack of money and experience, everything is extremely difficult.” She said.
   “Now, YCBM has developed into an application-oriented ordinary undergraduate university which can issues Bachelor Degree dependently. We basically have laid a solid foundation for the future and have formed a pattern like one fuselage and two wings, for the Hanwen Education Group has one university and two colleges in the education industry. At the same time, by taking advantage of Group Running System, we get involve in financial investment and other fields besides education industry by sharing resources, equipment and personnel, I am very optimistic about future. ” She also mentioned.
   “YCBM have gone through a lot to become what look like today and efforts from teachers’ played an important role in it. Hard working can not only measure by working hours. It’s also measured by the reasons and motivation. Our success totally depend on the value of teachers’ knowledge and skill.” She emphasized.
    In the end, chairman Yang gave her suggestions to teachers with presence, which were As a employee of Hanwen Educational Group, you must have confident and dignity, always hold a sense of responsibility and be responsible for parents, students, and society, be respectful to the laws of education and student developing. Most importantly, be grateful to anyone who help us and be enthusiasm to education”