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Thematic Meeting on Campus Safety for International Students


In order to make the international students study and live more healthily and safely in school, and solve the practical problems encountered by international students, in the afternoon of June 18, 2020. International School held a class-wide meeting on "Campus Security and Virus-protection" in the Complex Building 607.


Deputy Dean of International School Ma Yong, Dong Yongyan, student counselor Zhang Ranran and all international students attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Dean Ma Yong.


At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy Dean Dong Yongyan firstly answered the students' questions about the academic credits of international students, and emphasized the classroom disciplines for international students. She requires students to attend classes on time and study hard so as to complete their education successfully.


Then, for the problem of the campus safety, Deputy Dean Mayong conducted relevant training on international students from the aspects of controlled knives, the use of high-power electrical appliances and the protection of new corona virus. The purpose of this training is to make international students realize the seriousness of these problems and make them pay attention to the issue of campus safety.


Finally, the international students discussed some security issues in campus life. Everyone spoke freely and the atmosphere was warm. Zhang Ranran, the counselor of international students, has answered some campus security questions asked by foreign students one by one. This class-wide meeting for campus safety will effectively prevent the safety problems from international students in their study and life in the future, and help our school to build a safe campus.