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Chairman Yang Hongwei with her delegation visits Huaping County

On July 4,2020. Yang Hongwei, Chairman of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, led a investigative delegation to Huaping County, Lijiang City. Pang Xinxiu, Head of Huaping County, Li Shenggui, Director of County Party Committee Office, Cai Zhiyun, Deputy Head of the CountyLi Xiangtian, Director of Education and Sports Bureau, and Tao Yungang, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau, warmly received Yang Hongwei and her party . Both sides discussed and exchanged views on education development, health care and the development and construction of ecological park development. Hou Dedong, President of Yunnan University of Business Management, Liu Xiang, Yang Ling, Deputy Presidents of Hanwen Group, and relevant senior executives accompanied the investigation.


Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, proposed to unite the three Colllege of the Group to support outstanding students from poor families who can not afford tuition fees to go to school . Students who are admitted by Tsinghua University and Peking University will be given extra rewards so as to cultivate outstanding talents for Huaping, Yunnan and  the country.


The delegation also visited to Yunnan Huaping Clean Energy Carried Industrial Park and the 5GW plant for noncrystalline silicon rod production of Lijiang Longji company. Huaping Industrial Park is a provincial-level industrial park. In 2015, it was identified as one of the 10 + 50 industrial parks with 10 billion yuan to be built in the  province. In 2019, it was awarded the demonstration base of processing integration for hydro-power and silicon material  in Yunnan Province. At present, there are 85 enterprises in the park,  of which,  Longji Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Longji Co., Ltd"), a company with 100 billion yuan of assets,  is also among them. Yunnan University of Business Management and Longji Co., Ltd. are school -enterprise cooperative units. More than 40 outstanding graduates of the College are holding in various positions of Longji. Next, Yunnan University of Business Management will continue to push thousands of outstanding graduates to Longji to support the development of the enterprise.


Accompanied by Luo Yu, deputy director, in charge of planning in Huaping Natural Resources Bureau, the delegation also visited the landscape design of Wetland Park and Liyu River in Huaping County. Then the delegation came to guoguoshan ten thousand mu mango base. After more than 50 years of exploration and development, the base has a mango planting area of 25000 mu. On December 29, 2019, the base won the "largest mango plantation" Guinness World Records TM certification.


Yunnan Hanwen Education Group will connect and implement the cooperative projects with Huaping County Government and relevant enterprises so as to assist the development of school education and teaching, student training, enrollment and employment.