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A Class Meeting on anti terrorism for International Students

In order to build a good environment and atmosphere in our school, keep violent terrorism away from the campus, enhance the effectiveness of legal education, improve the anti-terrorism awareness of international students, and strengthen anti-terrorism safety education, considering the current situation of anti-terrorism, the International School organized all international students to hold a theme class-wide meeting on anti riot and terrorism  at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 16, at room 607, comprehensive building.


Ma Yong, deputy dean of International School, Zhang Ranran, counselor for international students, and all international students attended the meeting. The class meeting was presided over by deputy dean Ma Yong.   


At the beginning, Ma Yong, deputy dean of the International School, talked about the harmfulness of violence and terrorism. Most of the international students in our university are Muslims. They come from areas where terrorists are more active. Anti riot and terrorism is the top priority of our international students work. Schools are crowded places, and the security and stability of schools are related to thousands of families. Students are told to be on guard against the infiltration of foreign terrorist forces and other propaganda. In the class meeting, Zhang Ranran, a counselor, organized students to watch anti-terrorism and anti riot videos by using the multimedia teaching platform, and explained to students about the importance of safety through the cases of violence, so that the students could understand the relevant knowledge of violence prevention, and organized the students to discuss and summarize the anti riot measures and self-help methods after injury.



This "anti-terrorism and anti riot" safety education has improved students' safety awareness, enhanced the ability of risk avoidance and emergency self-help for anti violence , which has great significance to students' own safety  and the construction of safe campus. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal violence and terrorism cases and ensure the campus safety. It is hoped that through this lecture on violence and terrorism education, students' awareness of anti riot and anti-terrorism and awareness of the rule by law can be gradually improved, and a good learning and living environment can be cultivated.