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    TIME: 2019年06月17日

During May 6-7, 2019, Hanwen Education Group appeared on the iconic NASDAQ billboard at the world-famous Times Square, showcasing the elegance and strength of the Hanwen Education Group brand.

The billboard depicts Yang Hongwei, the chairwoman of Hanwen Education Group, and the subsidiaries Yunnan College of Business Management, Yunnan Medical Health College, and Yunnan Polytechnic College, presenting to the world Hanwen’s unique values on education, and further boosting Hanwen’s global profile.

New York’s Time’s Square is known as “The Crossroads of the World” and has always been a prime spot for exhibiting various world-class brands. Every day, roughly 1.5 million individuals pass through this world-renowned public space. The high volume of traffic passing through Time’s Square, along with 24 hours of continuous operation of the NASDAQ billboard, allows Hanwen to entice and bring the world’s attention to the power of the Hanwen brand.