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  • Yunnan College of Business Management and New Oriental Company hold a cooperation Meeting

    TIME: 2019年06月12日

Yunnan College of Business Management and New Oriental Company held a meeting in the conference room 1107 of the complex building in Anning Campus At 11:00 on April 11th, In order to improve the ability of English teachers and the quality of English teaching . 

Yang Dawei, the President of New Oriental Yunnan School. Zhang Yujiang, the Director of Marketing Department. Guo Fan, the IELTS Project Manager of Foreign Examination Department,.Zhang Chaoyan, the Marketing Director of Domestic Examinations Department. Yang Hongwei,the Chairwoman of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, the President of Yunnan Economic Management College. Yang Jun, the Executive Vice President. Song Feiyu and Song Aiping, the President Assistant. Wang Li, the Assistant Chairman and relevant secondary colleges, functional department leaders and some foreign teachers attended the meeting.

The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the issues of  the CET4 and CET6  projects, English teaching, and teacher training program, and reached a preliminary cooperation consensus.