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  • Delegation of New Westminster City of Canada Visits Our College

    TIME: 2013年08月08日

Delegation of New Westminster City of Canada Visits Our College
In the morning of Nov.27, Mr. Wayne Wright, the Mayor of New Westminster City of Canada visited the Haiyan Campus of our college with a 8-member city delegation. President Sun Cheng met with the delegation and accompanied them to take a campus tour. Then our college leaders and teachers made a short communication and an informal discussion with the delegation in the 9 floor meeting room of comprehensive building. The forum was hosted by teacher Dong of International College. The persons who took part in the forum were our college president Sun Cheng, vice president Liu Xiang, vice president Yang Jun, Song Feiyu, the director of Academic Affaires Office, Lou Jie, vice president of Humanities College as well as a part of students from English Association.
First of all, President Sun Cheng made a speech on the forum. He gave a warmly welcome to the government delegation of New Westminster City of Canada. President Sun Cheng said that our college had established cooperation relation with more than ten universities abroad. We appreciated the government of New Westminster City to recommend our college of cooperative universities and hoped that our college establish a friendly long term cooperation relation with the government of New Westminster City.
The mayor of New Westminster City, Mr. Wayne Wright also made an important speech on the forum. Mr. Wayne Wright first praised our college’s campus environment and size. He was amazed by the practical teaching equipment and teaching condition. Then he said that through his visit, New Westminster City government had reached a consensus with Li Jiang government and Kunming City government on the cooperation among three cities and the cooperation will focus on education. After that, Mr. Wright introduced us Douglas College in Canada. Douglas College located in beautiful Vancouver City. It was established in 1970 and is a famous comprehensive public community college. Right now it has almost 10,000 students, including 350 international students from more 30 countries. Douglas College has Healthcare major which matches the Healthcare major of our college. Mr. Wright hoped that our college could establish   Cooperation relation. He promised that New Westminster City government would like to build a bridge between our college and Douglas College. Finally Mr. Wright said that he looked forward to seeing our college students sent to study in New Westminster City.
After forum, free discuss was hold on cooperative project, cooperative method and cooperative content. This visit by New Westminster City government delegation, especially the visit by the mayor of New Westminster City in person will play a bridge role in the further cooperation between our college and universities of Canada. This visit promoted the further development of our college’s international communication work and provided our students with more study abroad platform and opportunity. We believe that our college’s international communication work will get better and better.