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  • Yunnan College of Business Management Held the Students’ Farewell of the First Short-term Study Visit to Thailand

    TIME: 2013年08月08日

Yunnan College of Business Management Held the Students’ Farewell of the First Short-term Study Visit to Thailand
On the morning of July30, 2013, International College held the students’ farewell of the first visiting scholar to Thailand in the comprehensive building’s meeting room of Haiyuan Campus. The farewell was attached importance to by the college leaders. The leaders and teachers who took part in the meeting are President Zhang Yungang of YCBM, Dean Wang Li, Dean Chen Yali of College of Humanities, Associate Dean Ji Shaowen of Engineering, Thai Class Head teacher Wang You of Grade 2011, and teacher Dong Yongyan of International College.
There are 30 students going to Kasem Bundit University in Thailand to study for 10 months by plane on the evening of July 30. This is the first students who go abroad for visiting scholar. Every participating teacher expressed some wishes to students in the farewell meeting.
President Zhang said that Kasem Bundit University is a private university which has some perfect equipment, many labs and training rooms. The teachers are serious and responsible, and dormitories are managed strictly. He hoped that every student should obey the school discipline, respect the local customs and religious customs. In addition, President Zhang emphasized safety issues again and again, and required that students should contact with the teachers in time if any problems and troubles happen during study in Thailand. President Zhang also hoped that the students should cherish this chance that go abroad to study foreign language, plan their own study and life carefully. In conclusion, President Zhang wished sincerely every student who studies in Thailand to come back with achievement.
Dean Chen Yali has also issued an enthusiastic speech. First of all, Dean Chen thanked the college for giving students the opportunity to go to study in Thailand. She especially emphasized that these students abroad, who bear the burden of the Chinese People's friendship ambassador, are on behalf of the image of our state and college, so they should comply with organizational discipline, subject to management, and she expected that they complete their studies successfully and return home safely. Meanwhile Dean Chen also reminded students that they should master language skills at the same time take specialized knowledge seriously. At last, Dean Chen had repeatedly emphasized that students should have a teamwork spirit, concern about the collective, and help each other.
At the end of the meeting, Liu Yan, as a student representative, delivered a speech. She expressed gratitude and appreciation to the leaders and teachers on behalf of students who would go to Thailand for visit study. She said she would cherish the opportunity to learn excellent culture, spread Chinese culture and strive to improve their language skills. She recalled the two-year study in YCBM and look forward to the coming study and life in Thailand.
Finally, the farewell ended in jolly atmosphere. Wish all the students went well in Thailand. 

President Zhang Yungang

Dean of Humanities School Chen Yali

Meeting Scene

Teachers and Students