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  • Dual Credit Program in the United States

    TIME: 2017年09月27日


On the afternoon of September 21, 2017, Mr. Zhou Fengyue, Vice President of Kunming University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Wu Mengjiao, President of Bright Education, hold a lecture entitled Studying in America at auditorium of Anning campus. Board Chairwoman of Yunnan Hanwen Education group Ms Yang Hongwei , Vice-president Mr. Liu Xiang, Assistant Chairman Li Guohua, Vice-president Yang Jun of YCBM, Director Zhang Jiansheng of International Exchange and Cooperation office and around 200 students attend this lecture.  

At the beginning, Board Chairwoman Ms Yang Hongwei uses her own experience to tell all the students that study aboard is no picnic. She also hopes that our students can take detours in their study with support form our college to seek a safe and viable access to their ideal countries.

Vice President Mr. Zhou of Kunming University of Science and Technology shares his experiences of study abroad, he also tells the students to go abroad to further study is already a norm and widely known in first-tier cities in China. He hopes that our students can keep up with the pace, seize the opportunity to achieve personal transformation. He says that the prospect of studying abroad is vast, but the choice of a reliable study platform is the key to success.

President of Bright Education Wu Mengjiao emphases the advantages of dual credit program in American which provide students with housekeeper-like support and solve all the worries of parents. During the lecture, she uses the interactive way to stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience, and introduces the details of the US dual credit program. She says that students need to complete two years study in Pillar College, US in order to gain the New Jersey high school diploma and Pillar College second grade credits. Once the students receive double credits, they can apply to other colleges and universities in the United States to continue another two years of undergraduate courses.

Bright Education, China and Bright Education, the United States was co-founded by Ms. Wu Mengjiao and Mr. Yang Kaiwen. They both have experienced study abroad by their own and fully understand the consideration of parents and students. As a result, they founded the Bright Education as a student-oriented, language training center, full-service housekeepers management institution to ensure zero worry study aboard and high success rate.    

At the end of the lecture, Board Chairwoman Yang Hongwei says that she encourages students to study abroad through reliable study channels, and she will exempt the study fees of the first batch of students who enroll in studying abroad foundation program at YCBM.