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  • Prof. Jiang Dayuan is Invited to our College to Guide the Curriculum Reform and Specialized Courses Construction.

    TIME: 2017年10月11日


On September 26, Prof.Jiang Dayuan, a well-known national education expert, also the director of the  Higher Vocational and Technical Education Institute,  president of the Course Construction Research Center in Educational Planning and Development Institute of the Ministry of Education, is invited to our college to guide the work of curriculum reformation and specialized courses construction.


In the morning,  the first session of the curriculum reform and professional curriculum construction seminar is held in library lecture hall. Mr.Wen Rongkun,Director of the Office of Academic Affairs presides over this seminar. At the seminar, 12 teachers from the School of Finance and Economics, the School of Engineering, the School of Medicine and the School of Humanities and Arts, present their work on the curriculum reform and specialized courses construction. Professor Jiang listens carefully to each teacher's report, and gives detailed feedback on merits and demerits of each work.


In the afternoon, Professor Jiang held a lecture entitled "Key to Curriculum Development: Structural Problems" for school teachers focusing on two types of projects in our college. The lecture focus on the key issues need to be solved in the process of building an application-oriented college, such as the practical teaching,curriculum reform and specialized courses construction.


Professor Jiang Dayuan, firstly, takes the curriculum reform as an example, using a large number of vivid and detailed cases to interpret the key step in training the talents in application-oriented college from various aspects. The rich content of the lecture, the scientific system, the rigorous logical order, and the artistic beauty of the art, won the bursts of warm applause from the teachers.This lecture benefits the further improvement of curriculum reform and specialized courses construction, it also provides a sound, scientific guidance and various teaching reform ideas to the development of application-oriented college.