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  • The Opening Ceremony of Study Abroad Preparatory School, YCBM

    TIME: 2017年11月03日


At 2:30 pm on October 25, the opening ceremony of the Study Abroad Preparatory School is held at the 200 people’s lecture hall, Anning Campus, Yunnan College of Business Management


Chairwoman Yang Hongwei warmly welcomesDavid E. Schroeder, President of Pillar College, U.S. , Ms Martha Chen from Educational Resources and Referrals (China) and other guests. Chairwoman Yang says that our college has been working with foreign teachers since 1999 and has been focusing on educational reform and development. The arrival of foreign teachers not only brings in advanced education system and various culture, it at the same time, promotes our school’s educational reform and lifts our foreign language level, which secure our students to take a right track in studying a foreign language. From today onwards, study abroad program will be integrated in our education system, and more customized study abroad programs will be offered to all the students. Finally, she wishes the Study Abroad Preparatory School to flourish and provide better service.


After that, Vice president Yang Jun read the "the decision on the establishment of Study Abroad Preparatory School". Chairwomen Yang, President David and Vice President Zhou announce the establishment of Study Aboard Preparatory School.


At the following lecture, Mr.Zhou, adviser to the Study Abroad Preparatory School and Vice president of Kunming University of Science and Technology delivers a speech.  


President David E. Schroeder of Pillar College, U.S. gives a speech titled “Step into Your Ideal University”. He takes Hao yuan, a former student at Kunming Number three high school, as an example explicitly introduces Pillar college and its programs. Schroeder says Pillar College teaches students the learning habits, teaches students how to learn and put them in an important position, and provides students with multicultural teaching and services. School not only helps student to learn knowledge by matching with American students, to harvest friendship as well as to immerse in the American culture, but also helps students to further their study in better universities.


Finally, the two colleges pose for group photo and exchange souvenirs.