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School of Intelligent Manufacturing
School of Intelligent Manufacturing is the secondary school of intelligent manufacturing industry jointly established by Yunnan University of Business Management Beijing Huasheng Jingshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as &q
School of Shenzhou High Speed Rail Transit
School of Shenzhou High Speed Rail Transit (referred to as "School of Shenzhou High Speed Rail") is a secondary school with industrial characteristics which is jointly established by Shenzhou High Speed Rail Technology Co., Ltd. Yunnan Univ
School of Big Data
School of Big Data is jointly established by Yunnan university of Business Management, the one of World Top 500 Enterprise HPE (China) Co., Ltd. Hubei Meiheyisi Education Technology Co., Ltd. At present, there are 2 undergraduate major
School of ICT
School of ICT (Information Communication Technology) is established jointly by Yunnan University of Business Management、 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and Beijing Huatec Information Technology Co., Ltd . The school is jointly