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I am Shuvo Paul. I am from Bangladesh. I am student of YCBM. Now a day Chinese language is very important for us. I learning Chinese language about one year.

Learning Chinese language is very interesting. Our teachers help us to learning the language and i also communication with my Chinese friends to improve my language skills. In our regular life in China we need to learn Chinese language.

I everyday read my Chinese book to learn Chinese language. But we need to communicate with Chinese people or friends to improve our skills. I hope the management of the University do something for that. When i started to learn Chinese language that time I think that the language is very hard and hard to understand , then i focus to my language studies then i realized that it’s not so hard.

 Now my Chinese language quite good . I can communicate with Chinese people and i can do lot of things in my daily life. I think if we need to to something in China then Chinese language is necessary for us.

If we can learn Chinese language very good then we can do a good job or business in China.