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Aymane Krimech‘s story on Chinese learning

Hello. My name is Aymane Krimech. I'm from Morocco. I'm studying my major in Yunnan College of Business Management.


China is the first abroad country I stepped in. Coming to China made me realize that English isn't that much useful for daily lives here. In order to adapt the life here, I've decided to go on a journey of Chinese language learning.


At first, i was quite intimidated about it. Upon starting my Chinese class, my Chinese teacher 王欢 has made it simple for me to understand the basic concept of Chinese language. I was determined and started studying hard. The most difficult part I came across is the character. It was really hard to grasp the Chinese strokes. So I write Chinese characters everyday to get them in my head properly. There are times when I'm fully committed and frustrated. During my peak time I study as much as possible because when I'm frustrated I don't study for 2-3 days. My Chinese friends have also played an important role improving my Chinese proficiency, they help me correct my pronunciations and tones in the correct form. I would like to thank the ordinary Chinese people, they get so happy and amused when I speak simple Chinese to them. They say "你很厉害”. Their happiness really motivates me to learn further. I like talking to old people, they never get tired of talking and when we don't understand each other, we laugh and say "算了”.


Still I've a long journey to go, so I'm ready to make an all-out effort.