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My way of Chinese learning

Greetings to all the good people. My name is Mohammed Marshal. I'm from Bangladesh. I've studied one year of Chinese language course in Yunnan College of Business Management.


I have always been curious to learn different languages and cultures. Learning them will open many new doors of experiences and opportunities. So I chose to learn Chinese as it's one of most spoken languages in the world.


In the beginning, it was tough. The pronunciation, tones, and characters were quite challenging to me as they were completely different from my native language. I find characters very fascinating and take it as an art. So learning to write them isn't much of a difficult task until i come across some complicated ones. I still struggle with tones though but the good Chinese people help me to get them right. They have patience when I talk to them. Chinese grammar is really tricky, I don't understand them so well. That's where my Chinese teacher (汤蓉俊) explains these grammars so intuitively that one can grasp easily. During my spoken class, she gives interesting and real life related topics to speak. Thus during the conservation I learn many new words that are needed for everyday life usage. My Chinese friends have also helped me to understand the language and the culture. 


Without my friends, teacher, and the good people out there I couldn't have come so far learning the language. I'm really grateful to them.