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Story of Sendar

Hi, My name is Serdar. I am from Turkmenistan. I have been in China almost two years. At the moment I am international student of Yunnan College of Business Management. Here I made a lot of best friends and also I had some of best expirence in my life. There are very warm and friendly people here. Also now I can say Yunnan is some of beautiful place in China. I traveled here Dali, Lijiang, Puer, Wenshan cities and I saw many different cultural and natural beauty of this places. In the Yunnan University of Business Management have hard working teachers and students.

Our schools International Students College often arrange some kind of activities and meetings for International Students. Here every year arranging Sport activities. If you are skilled some kind of sports you can attend and win kind of medals and prises. The school is in Anning city. The environment around the school is very calm and beautiful. inside the school has many teaching buildings, dormitories, canteens and so on.

The school accommodates almost 30 thousand students. It also has one indoor stadium a football field, running tracks and many fields for basketball. The school also provides halal food for the Muslim students. the school management has the made the place very convenient for all sorts of students. And the quality of the food in the canteen is very good and satisfying. And they also provide food delivery to the dormitories.  I don't see any inconvenience to complain about. Around the school also has many restaurants and shops in and out. Everything we need is just few steps away.

The best thing I like about this school is the library. It's really big and organized. 1st floor has one coffee shop, juice shop. Whenever I want to relax, I go there. During my study here, I've met many enthusiastic teachers like Mr. Ma and Mr. Ryan. He manages the international students' affair. When I was new here, he helped me to understand the rules and regulations of this University, showed me around the school and Anning. He made it really easy for me to get used to this place. Also during the pandemic situation our school take care about International students and provide many types of opportunity. Thus I'm really grateful to be a student of this school.