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Mushfiqur‘s life in YCBM

As a first-year student at Yunnan college of Business Management, I’m ready to take

advantage of and enjoy the next one year of my Chinese Language education. It’s the first time

in our lives that we are pretty much autonomous, and whether you’re trying to decide what

you’re going to eat for dinner or what you’re going to major in at university, everything is an

exciting opportunity and new experience. My day can vary all the time, but this is a rough

guideline of mine as a university student at YCBM in People’s Republic of China.

Thankyou honorable teacher to give me such an opportunity to express my experience during

study at YCBM.

Life is all about experience. Everybody should achieve and acquire knowledge whether it is

about their major or non-related to study.

Getting ready for the daily grind

First experience, I think what every foreign student has got is to wake up early in the morning,

also the morning view of gorgeous natural scenery of YCBM. By the time I finally muster the

motivation to slide out of bed at about 7.30am, at least three of my many alarms have gone off,

blaring whatever top 40 song I’d been listening to on a loop the night before. I stumble out into

the hallway, fill my coffee mug at the water fountain and make coffee.

Over the course of my two semesters at YCBM, I’ve been lucky enough to start all my classes

between 8.30 am. Still, 7.30 am comes too early, and I usually end up throwing on some clothes,

scarfing down whatever yoghurt or smoothie I picked up the night before using my midnight

meal swipe from the canteen, and race out the door, trying to make it to main campus in under 10



I personally like knocking out all my classes in one condensed go, preferably not having

awkward hour-long breaks in between. Studying at YCBM is like a big chance for everyone as

the teaching system and learning sector are well furnished and well enough for every student to

gain knowledge from the deeper source.

It’s easy to complain about having to take non-core classes but I’ve loved having the room to

explore different subjects that I never would have encountered, like the Physical Education class,

English oral class etc.

Teachers of YCBM:

People say, Chinese Education System is little bit different from European education. But studying

at YCBM, I had the chance to know about Chinese Education. From my opinion, the reality is

Chinese Education is not different and hard enough as it always allows us with practical, theoretical

and communicating education for all.

The best experience for me what I got at YUBM is my respectable teachers. Everyone should

appreciate and proud of themselves as we have not only best qualified teachers but also best hard-

working persons from soul ever who are totally dedicated, sincere, understanding, helpful,

friendly for their every single students. When teaching, every teacher has their best patience, I

have ever seen.

Generally, in daily life we had and will face problems among every students during study at

YUBM. Even during the epidemic of COVID-19 we have been stayed in our dormitories for three

months and some of my friends they became scared what would happen to them etc. Every mean

time they are with us. They encouraged everyone and teach us how to stand beside ourselves

against the Covid-19.

On behalf of the foreign students, I am saying that in every moment whenever we need, every

teacher of our beautiful YUBM were there for us and they will. It’s not predictable that College of

International Students YUBM is only an authority, it’s harsh reality that we are glad and they are

taking care of us like our parents.

I need a break:

Finally, time for lunch. Another experience as a foreigner is to eat food with Chinese students.

YUBM canteen is available for everybody. Come and enjoy food with Chinese students and

obviously learn to eat with chopsticks.

Chinese Language is mandatory:

According to my own experience, whether who I am and wherever I have come from it doesn’t

matter if I can speak Chinese, if I can communicate. It’s harsh for everybody if they don’t know

Chinese. So to say, study or live whatever I want, learn Chinese is must.

Getting involved

As a freshman, we have the opportunity to participate with Chinese students in various sectors to

perform and play. We the foreign students had ceremony to cultivate our tradition with Chinese



After spending all day trying to become educated and professionally developed, I’m ready for a

fun adventure. One of my favourite things about being at YCBM is that we’re able to play,

cultivate a cultural hotspot. There is always something going on, be it a concert featuring an up

and-coming artist, soccer game etc.

Back to the library

After dinner on everyday, my friends and I head back to the library for a late-night study session.

Often, we find our separate cubicles and are more productive than we’ve been all day, working

until the library closes at 10 pm.

My favourite part: sleeping

Sleep is often the second thing that’s sacrificed when you’re stressed out, right after exercise.

While the occasional all-nighter is OK, I need at least six hours of sleep a night to have a

sustainable existence, but everyone is different. To some, six hours might seem ambitious. To

others, it’s definitely not enough. Whatever your number is, try to hit it because being well rested

is a big part of getting the most out of your time at university.

Experiences that make me well lessoned at YCBM

1. Study Hard and Practice more.

2. Acquire Knowledge.

3. Learn from Class most.

4. Be Sincere.

5. Be Respective.

6. Be Friendly.

7. Be Patience.

8. Maintain routine life.

9. Be fit and healthy.

10. For everyday communication learning Chinese is must.




Mohammed Mushfiqur Rahman

Student of Chinese Language

Session 2019-2020