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Report on the Diagnostic Evaluation of YCBM

From May 26 to 28, 2020, an Expert Group on Diagnostic Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education which led by Ma Li, the president of Yuxi Normal University and the director of Yunnan Higher Education Evaluation Steering Committee, and other 7 experts including Duan Lihua, Vice President of Dali University, Liu Kangning, Deputy Director of Yunnan Higher Education Evaluation Center and Yunnan Province Deputy Director (and Secretary-General) of the Teaching Evaluation Steering Committee, Bi Xianjun, the Director of the Evaluation Center of Yunnan Normal University and Deputy Secretary General of the Teaching Evaluation Steering Committee of Yunnan Universities, Dong Likun, the Director of the Evaluation Office (former) of Yunnan University, Xie Yonggang, the Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Kunming University, Xu Dong , Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Baoshan University, Wu Mei, Chief Program Officer of the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation of the Yunnan Higher Education Evaluation Center, came to YUBM for a three-day diagnostic evaluation of undergraduate teaching.


In the morning of May 26, 2020, an evaluation expert meeting was held in the meeting room 511 of the library of Anning Campus. All the leaders of YCBM, and the head of affiliated schools and functional departments, all senior executives of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, and some teacher representatives attended the meeting.
Chairman Yang Hongwei said in her speech that expert's diagnosis and evaluation on YCBM is a guiding action for the development of private colleges and universities by the provincial education department and other government departments at all levels, and it is  comprehensive reviews of education and personnel training in YCBM. it is also a very important opportunity to summarize experience, concentrate features, discover problems and deepen reforms. YUBM will definitely cherish this unique opportunity and fully cooperate with experts to carry out this diagnosis and evaluation. Meanwhile YCBM will adhere to the principles of "Promoting Construction with Evaluation, Promoting Reform with Evaluation, Promoting Management with Evaluation, Combining Evaluation with Construction, and Focusing on Construction", speed up rectification, fill in shortcomings, and lay a solid foundation for successful pass the evaluation of the Undergraduate Teaching Assessment of the Ministry of Education in the future, and determined to build a high-level applied university with distinctive regional characteristics.


Based on listening to the president’s report, reviewing the university’s self-assessment report and learning status data analysis report, the experts went deep into various departments and affiliated schools during three days to check theses and examination papers, visit school leaders and departments, inspect of school running conditions, convey seminars, etc. Experts gave comprehensively diagnose on every aspects of YCBM’s undergraduate teaching work, and they proposed some constructive, feasible comments and suggestions. On the afternoon of May 28, the feedback meeting of diagnostic evaluation experts for undergraduate teaching work was held in the meeting room 511 of the library of Anning Campus.
After the diagnostic evaluation is completed, YUBM will carefully sort out the valuable opinions provided by the experts in the teaching evaluation process, formulate rectification plans, implement improvement measures, strive to improve the school-running skill level and the quality of personnel training, and ensure that the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment will be successfully passed in the future and try to make new and greater contributions to local economic and social development and progress.