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Yunnan College of Business Management Held a Activity of Respecting Teacher Successfully
 The Ceremony of Respecting Teacher is one of the most important etiquette in Thailand. Through the activity, students pay their respect thank to their teachers. In Thailthe Ceremony of Respecting Teacher is held in every semester,usually on Thu
International School Held a Forum on International Education in the New Situation
In the morning of September28,at the time of opening of our college library, International College held a forum on International Education in the New Situation. Staff attending the forum are Du Anrui, Inspector General  of International  Ex
Special Lectures on Studying abroad in Accounting and Finance School
In order to let the students in our college to realize further the importance of upgrading education background so as to plan their future better, at 1:30 pm on August 21,2020, Center for International Cooperation Exchange held a lecture on studying
Yang Hongwei, Chairman of Hanwen Education Group, won the title of “Advanced Model of Social Poverty Alleviation”
With the 7th National Poverty Alleviation Day approaching, On October 15, Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Provincial Government held  a provincial commendation meeting for poverty alleviation a lecture meeting for advanced achievements in pove
Yunnan Education Magazine and Other Media Report on Chairman Yang Hongwei's School Running Deeds
Yang Hongwei, chairman of Yunnan Hanwen education group, spent 28 years leading the group from small to large, from single to diversified, from difficult to leading in the industry, made the group a banner of Yunnan private higher education. Recently
Report on "Hong Kong Seminar for University Management Cadres" of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group
In order to improve the quality of vocational education personnel training, meet the needs of industry industry personnel, reflect the application of application-oriented university personnel training, Yunnan Hanwen education group arranged managemen